Why travel with WalkItalyTours?

Italy is a great country

I think everyone has two motherlands: one is their own; the other is Italy.
Henryk Siekiewicz

This statement by the 1905 Polish Nobel Prize laureate is the perfect motto for Italy – and many people have discovered the truth in it. In 2016, Italy was the third most popular country of destination in Europe after France and Spain, going by overnight stays. So if you’re reading this website, you’re on the right track!

Three pillars: Walk, Food and Culture

Italy has some of the richest biodiversity in Europe, due mainly to its geography and a wide variety of geological, climatic and vegetation conditions. Italy also has the highest number (49) of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. This explains the three pillars of our tours.

Authentic tour design

I have tried out each tour with friends several times under different conditions and then put their feedback to good use. The careful and scrupulous preparation phase guarantees a unique and safe experience.

Coherent tours rather than fragmented travel

The philosophy of WalkItalyTours is to think of a tour supported by vans rather than a van tour! Hence the bare minimum of van use.

Local means safe

When I travel overseas, I often asked myself “How safe is the place I am going to stay?” To be honest with you, I don’t feel comfortable in a luxury hotel in a big metropolis. This is why WalkItalyTours handpicks charming and boutique hotels. It also uses local guides, who have a deep knowledge of the terrain and know the community.

Doing the right thing

WalkItalyTours sees sustainable tourism as a tool to promote local economies and respect for the environment. We are proud to include tailor-made events in remote areas, such as the milking competition or bottarga tasting.


All the above is what makes WalkItalyTours different.

Roberto Carpano


WalkItalyTours activities are performed according to Italian Law n. 4 / 2013 ruling, Non-organised professional activities.