Pitigliano: Etruscan Paths and the Historic Jewish Community

This is an easy 3.5-hour walking tour along Etruscan paths followed by a 2-hour guided tour of Pitigliano. Etruscan paths are difficult to find and explore unless you have already been there (Google Maps won’t help you!).

Guided tour of Pitigliano - view of the town

We will enter the Etruscan Vie Cave (Etruscan excavated roads), an impressive VII-century BCE network linking an Etruscan necropolis with several settlements. The roads are trenches in the volcanic tuff that are, in places, over 20 feet deep with near-vertical sides. After lunch, we will begin our guided tour of Pitigliano and the Jewish museum.

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“This town stands on the northern limits of the great Etruscan plan… Pitigliano is a place of considerable importance with a large Jewish community led to congregate here, as at Gibraltar… few towns in volcanic Etruria are imposingly situated, and in the midst of finer scenery.”
George Dennis

The Tour

After a welcome breakfast in a café, we leave Pitigliano following the Via Cava network that forms a loop around the town. The road has its own special microclimate and is a place of incomparable beauty! We reach the provincial road crossing the Fiora River. The river springs from the southern flank of the Monte Amiata, near Santa Fiora and was one of the main communication channels in the Etruscan era. We will take a break at the Fontana d’Olmo for a mid-morning snack.

In the afternoon, after lunch at the restaurant/trattoria of your choice in Pitigliano (please note that lunch is not part of the tour), we begin our exploration of the town. Pitigliano has been home to a Jewish community since the end of the XV century and, together with the neighbouring feudal villages, became an important refuge in central Italy.

“We loved the beauty of the landscape and we learnt so much on this wonderful tour!”

Jo and Sara – September 2018

“We walked around the old town known as Little Jerusalem in Italy in August. It was very quiet and peaceful, full of character and without all the souvenir and commercial shops you find in a lot of hilltop towns in Tuscany.”

Julie, August 2018

“We loved the Etruscan paths (and the beer and cinghiale)… It was perfect!”

Dave and Wendy – October 2018

Useful Information

In addition to ‘standard’ walking equipment, you will need to bring a light backpack, trekking poles, water bottle, sun hat, sunglasses and sun-cream. Food and drink can be bought in the town.

This tour is a Level 2 Activity: 2–4 hours, 4–7 miles (6.4–11.2 km), elevation gain < 1300 feet (244 m).

Tours are run on a regular basis excluding the months of November, December and August.

Group size: 2 to 10 people

Price per person: €70 inclusive of:

• Welcome breakfast at a café
• Guide from start to finish
• Maps of the area
• Museum entry
• Mid-morning snack


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