Roberto led us to discover the islands of Capraia, Elba and recently Sardinia, each time far from clichés and traditional tourist approaches. His sense of organization and guidance always reassures, his taste for culture and his way of sharing have always motivated us. Walking with Roberto is entertaining, rewarding, never obvious and his sense of empathy makes it never tiring.

April 2017

Paola and Jean-Yves

The first trip we made with Roberto was on the Via Francigena, a beautiful experience, discovering typical landscapes, walking along hills that open up under villages that still retain their medieval appearance. Everything has been organized with skill and professionalism, both the restaurants and the accommodation, always characteristic and welcoming. Since then we have always remained in contact and, to that, other treks followed, last in the Ogliastra, wild area of ​​Sardinia, where sea and coast surprise you at every corner with their enchanted views. An experience to be recommended … and to be repeated!

Verona, 8 April 2017

Federica and Riccardo